Compliments of Dancing Deer Farm

Creating a Greenhouse

What this great book covers:

  • What is a greenhouse?
  • How does a greenhouse capture heat?
  • 11 types of greenhouses.
  • Tools and materials for your greenhouse.
  • Tips for your greenhouse.
  • Resources to get you started.

Organic Gardening for Beginners

What this book covers:

  • Why Garden Organically? 
  • The Risk of Chemicals 
  • What Is Organic Gardening?  
  • Planning Your Garden  
  • Getting the Soil Ready  
  • Planting Your Garden  
  • Starting Seeds Indoors  
  • Controlling Those Weeds  
  • Controlling Pests  
  • Common Garden Pests 30 
  • Making Your Own Compost 
  • Tending the Garden  
  • Wintering Your Garden  
  • Recipes for your Organic Garden  

Organic Fertilizer  
Garlic Pest Control Spray  
Dormant Oil  
Homemade Insecticidal Soap  
All Purpose Pest Control Spray 
Bug Juice

Living Off the Grid

What this book covers:

  • What Is Living Off The Grid? 
  • Advantages of Living off the Grid 
  • Is It Practical To Live Off The Grid? 
  • What Do You Need To Live Off The Grid?
  • How to Live Off the Grid? 
  • Building Your Own Off the Grid System 
  • Living Off the Grid with Wind Generator 
  • Using Solar Panels to Live Off the Grid
  • Explore Micro Hydro for Alternative Energy 
  • Save Energy Cost When You Live Off the Grid